Student Works Toward Transition

Qavyier Lopez

Qavy began attending ReLife in October 2011. He demonstrated difficult behaviors, but with staff support, he worked on his coping skills and learned how to manage himself. Thanks to his hard work, he has moved through the level system and has begun to transition to his neighborhood school.


Initially, Qavy began attending the neighborhood high school for just 30 minutes a day—enough to get a taste of what it was going to be like being at a school with a lot more students. He joined the wrestling team, started competing, and won a bronze medal.


Meanwhile, Qavy continued to progress at ReLife. As part of the Culinary class, he became integral to the banquet’s amazing success. He was chosen as Student of the Year and also received an attendance award.


Qavy models safe, responsible, and appropriate behavior for his peers at ReLife. Now that he is spending half days at his neighborhood school, he has become a leader amongst his peers who can see how hard work pays off. Both staff and students are proud of Qavy’s success—he’s a true ReLife Rock Star!

Bike Remodeling An Exciting New Venture for Occupational Education

Students in a new occupational education class are repairing a donated bicycle, taking skills they already have and learning new skills in an academic setting. “I’m so amazed at the skills they already have in fixing bikes,” says Mr. Chapel, a behavior and education support specialist.


20140319_102337_resized_1Students are excited about this project. “It’s going to look really cool when it’s done,” says Jacob. He, along with the other students working on the bicycle, are learning what tools to use for each part of the reconstruction. They get to choose the colors and design for the paint job, and they’re even including their own ideas about how the bike should look. “The students are really doing well and I am proud of them,” says Mr. Rico, a behavior and education support specialist who is teaching the class.

ReLife Winter Banquet

IMG_1854Written by ReLife Staff

On February 5, 2014, students from the ReLife Cooking Class hosted a banquet for staff, students, and special guests. Students put their organizational skills to good use and began planning the banquet weeks before the culminating event of the quarter.

Students chose the menu of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad and rolls. Every item was cooked by the students and practiced at least one time before the banquet.

Students decided the presentation on the plate, how the food would be served, and they even created the shopping list and shopped for all the ingredients.

On the day of the banquet, students spent four hours preparing food, one hour serving, and one hour cleaning up. Students even took turns as maître d’ for the event. Garrett was committed the entire day to making sure every detail was impeccable.IMG_1836

Once served, the chicken was hot and crispy, and the macaroni and cheese was delicious, with a crusty cheese topping that was a perfect marriage of hot and creamy and warm and crispy.

This was the last cooking event for Qavy, who is transitioning back to his neighborhood school. Students and staff celebrated his participation and expressed their sadness: “I’ll cry when he leaves,” said one staff member. “He’s a great kid and a great cook.”

All in all, the banquet received rave reviews. “The food was amazing; the service was great. I want to do this every day!”

Culinary students were quick to thank teachers Ms. Slayback and Ms. Jones for teaching them the skills to make “such awesome food.”